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China Economic and Automotive Briefing - Executive Update –
Quarterly report on the short-, medium- and long-term growth of the Chinese economy and the impact on the automotive market. Target Group: Supervisory Boards, CEOs and managers.

China Economic and Commercial Vehicle Briefing - Executive Update –
Quarterly report on the short-, medium- and long-term growth of the Chinese economy and the impact on the commercial vehicle market taking into account the specific conditions that apply to this industry.

„China Early Warning Indicator“ Monthly update
The economic situation in China and regulatory changes have led to a different situation for the OEMs. They review their program plans and cut production for some models. This increasing volatility of the production is a challenge for the short term planning. With our report suppliers are able to see for how many days the production might stop and the number of vehicles that are not produced during this period. Our analysis takes into account all relevant programs in China.

„China New Energy Vehicles“
Our report responds, among other things, to the following questions: Who dominates the market currently and why? What changes can be expected or not? How difficult will it be for the various OEMs to meet the fuel saving targets and the NEV carbon credit quotas laid down by the government? What impact will changes of the regulation have and how will technology trends be affected? What are reasonable game plans of the OEMs in terms of model mix in order to achieve the regulation? Why might 48V and plug-in hybrids be the winners out of all this?

The report includes an excel database with EV, HEV und PHEV.
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Frequency: The report is updated once a year in pdf-format.

„China Connectivity“
Connectivity is a focal point for Chinese customers. The car buyers are much younger and more internet-friendly. 70 to 90% of the buyers would pay for service. Especially in the area of security and navigation.
In our report we cover the following topics:

  • Profile of the internet players (Baidu, Tencent, Autonavi, Neusoft etc.)
  • Regulation and government drive (China 2025, Internet Plus etc.)
  • The fight for the consumer data in China
  • The role of the government
  • The danger of losing IP because of government intervention
  • Security issues in China
  • Strategies of the OEMs
  • Connectivity solutions now and outlook
  • User requirements in China vs. Europe and the US
  • Mobility Provider like Uber etc.
  • Consumer trends

Frequency: The report is updated twice a year in pdf-format.

„China Automated Driving“
Automated Driving is becoming increasingly important in China. 93% of Chinese are interested in this topic. The driving style as well as the infrastructure in China have specific characteristics that influence the solutions.
In our report we cover the following topics:

  • Connected and offline
  • Regulation and government influence
  • ADAS components penetration now and forecast
  • User requirements
  • Roadmap to fully automated driving (Level 4) in China
  • Insurance perspective
  • OEM strategies for China

Frequency: The report is updated twice a year in pdf-format.

„Growth Plan China“

It’s starting to sink in, what the “new normal” means for China. The Chinese government tries to rebalance, deleverage and keep growth up all at the same time. This impossible approach will lead to even more volatility for the car industry.

Our workshops cover the following topics: :

What economic development do we forecast short-, medium- and longterm?

How high is the risk of a sudden crisis?

Which OEMs are better or worse prepared for the upcoming volatility?

Which clients fit best to your strategy?

Is it reasonable to increase capacity? If yes, where?

How can you make sure that your profit does not sink too much?

How do you prevent to work for OEMs that generate losses?

What is your ideal customer mix?

Other possible questions in the field of risk analysis:

What happens if the joint venture rule ends?

We would be pleased to send you samples and a quote. Alongside the regular written information we are at the disposal of our customers and prospective customers in an advisory capacity for strategic queries on the automotive market.